Our commitments

At KUB Designs, we care about the environment.
Sustainability is a priority for us.

Sustainability is a priority for us.

We guide you to make long-lasting products that can be worn for as long as possible.
We always try to make the product design, production and material options as sustainable as possible
We work on long-term relationships with our suppliers and believe that close contact and mutual respect are an important key to both product quality and social responsibility.

La durabilité est une priorité pour nous.

Nous vous guiderons pour fabriquer des produits de longue durée qui peuvent être portés pendant de nombreuses années à venir. Nous essaierons toujours de rendre la conception du produit, la production et les options matérielles aussi durables que possible.
Nous travaillons des relations à long terme avec nos fournisseurs et nous pensons qu'un contact étroit et un respect mutuel sont une clé importante à la fois pour la qualité des produits et la responsabilité sociale.

Sustainable approach

By creating KUB designs, we adopt the approach of creating sustainable, beautiful and timeless clothes, all at the right price.
For us, the world does not need more clothes, it needs better thought and better produced clothes.

We push our customers to turn to this ethical approach, and we fully accompany them from the initial design phase to the production.

Our partner workshops obviously follow this approach by adopting at their level the material and consumable choices, respectful of the environment.

Sustainable textile

By 'sustainable textiles' we mean clothes that are well thought out, well produced, ideally locally close to your premises, and designed to withstand their living environment. However, we prefer to produce 100% in Europe.

To provide truly sustainable solutions, we take a global approach to sustainability by rethinking the way we design, produce and buy textiles.

Sustainability obviously includes the way we package and sign any detail of the product's brand image oor communication support(étiquette, packaging).
We can also help you with these issues, offering you multiple solutions using recycled, natural, bio-degradable and organic materials

Sustainability is a priority for us.

We work hard to create a virtuous model for our customers, our community, our suppliers, the planet and all our partners.

Our goal? To provide support and service in line with our customers' needs.

Digital sublimation and its technicality are a leading process in technical sports textiles, in which we have over 20 years of expertise, among the cleanest, using solvent-free inks.
All our fabrics are labelled at least OEKOTEX standard 100.
Several of our partners are certified or labelled GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard), FSC paper, ECO ink, BCI(Better Cotton Initiative), Global Recycled Standard.
Do you have any questions? Write to us at hello@kubdesigns.com

Pour vous, nous savons créer des vêtements.

Nous travaillons dur pour créer un modèle vertueux, pour nos clients, notre communauté, nos fournisseurs, la planète et l’ensemble de nos partenaires.
Vous avez des questions ? Écrivez-nous à hello@kubdesigns.com


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